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Study Computer Engineering in Ukraine

Computer Enginineering programme in Ukraine  

Computer & Software engineering in Ukraine is specialty in the computer techniques and technologies. This program covers the most important fields of the IT activity, such as Software and Computer Hardware Design, Microcontroller and Microprocessor systems Design, Computer Systems and Communication Networks. Engineering deals with the hardware, software, architecture, and organizational aspects of standalone and networked computing systems.

International students get deep knowledge and excellent practical skills in the digital logic, computer organization and architecture, microprocessors, microcontrollers' digital systems and integrated circuit engineering.

During the study process they use the hardware, labware of worldwide leading companies (XILINX, ALTERA) and hardware development languages (such as VHDL). Software courses include programming languages (C++, Visual C, JAVA, PHP, GPRS, .NET technologies), data structures and algorithms, operating systems, databases, compilers, and software engineering.

Computer communication network courses include material on reliable and secure information transfer protocols, as well as switching and routing through multipath networks. It provides students in the skills and knowledge to design, monitor and manage complex communication systems using the voice, sound, data, pictures or video transmission in wired, wireless and fiber optic communication systems.

Graduates can apply discovered skills as software and hardware developer, sys-tem administrator and project manager, network designer and network service provider in the leading companies and enterprises, which operate in the sphere of design, production, adjustment or operation of software and hardware.

Graduates of the Bachelor's Program in Computer Engineering have the opportunity to pursue a Master Degree in Computer Systems and Networks or System Programming.  :Apply Now

Invitation costs 400 USD Including courier mail (DHL, FedEx, TNT) costs

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