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Study Information Technology in Ukraine

Study Telecommunication Enginineering in Ukraine  

Telecommunications engineering in Ukraine or Information Technology in Ukraine is closely related branch of computer systems engineering are projected to see strong and accelerating growth in employment demand, internationally, for the near future. The educational process engages highly-qualified teachers.

The Department has multimedia and computer classroom, university laboratories, furnished with up-to-date digital equipment made by worldwide producers: Cisco, Intel, Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Sun Rise etc, where students obtain practical knowledge and skills of maintenance, customization, measuring, testing of new generation systems and networks on technologies of Ethernet, Intranet, ISDN, Internet, ADSL2, 2-3G etc, programming methods and computer technologies, business process engineering, rendering of telecommunication services with possibility of remote wireless access to electronic libraries of KNURE.

Field of Professional Activities: Graduates work for manufacturers of radio, television and other audio-visual, broadcasting and receiving equipment. They develop hardware and associated software, including computer systems, interfaces, security devices, data concentration, data transmission, signaling, satellite and radio communications, and telephone equipment.

Description of Bachelor Degree Programs in English in Ukraine                                                           
The undergraduate programs lasts four years. The Bachelor's curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated by University Education Committee, The Bachelor's Program requires for all students registered to complete a minimum of 150 hours of practice. The practice takes place during second and third year study.

 Two supervisors are appointed for each student: one in the University, one in an enterprise. The program of practice is a part of training, leading to professional activities. An Experience Certificate is awarded to a student by an enterprise. Bachelor's degree of our University world wide recognized: - our Bachelors (international and Ukrainian citizens) have possibility to get the Master Degree at Universities of Europe, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and so on.

 Bachelors (international and Ukrainian citizens) have possibility to get the Master of Philosophy Degree in Information System, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
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