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Biomedical Engineering in Ukraine University

Study Biomedical Engineering in Ukraine 
Study Biomedical Engineering in Ukraine. BME Universities in Ukraine program has as one of the best Educational Objectives of training biomedical engineering student. Participating in study abroad is the first step toward achieving this goal.

In combination with study abroad in biomedical engineering, students may want to consider a double major, with an additional degree in a foreign language. Many of the Biomedical engineering programs are based on a four year B.S. degree followed by a one year M.S. degree. Students participating in this program you wil enjoy practical aspect of teaching.

Ukraine has a good history of excellence in Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is a tightly-integrated, interdisciplinary department, composed of faculty members from both the School of Engineering & Applied Science and the School of Medicine.

The department has two primary missions: first, to educate students in this field of study, which is important to the prosperity of the nation and, second, to develop bioengineering and bio imaging technologies that bring advances in molecular biology, cellular biology, and human physiology to the clinical environment.

To accomplish this mission, the department hosts research projects in biomedical imaging, biomechanics, and bimolecular engineering. Biomedical Engineering involves the creation of enhanced opportunities and facilities for student research projects in key areas of bimolecular engineering: particularly drug delivery, tissue engineering, and biomaterials. These areas intersect with our existing research strengths in biomedical imaging (which emphasizes image processing, computer vision and functional imaging) and biomechanics (particularly cardiovascular mechanics and orthopedics).

Biomedical Engineering is available in English medium of study in Ukraine.

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Admission for 2012/2013 academic year is open. However, candidates wishing to join the preparatory department can still apply and join now. These candidates will have the choice of joining either the Russian Medium or the English Medium this academic year (September 2012).

Students who are interested in enrolling in Ukraine universities for the 2012/2013 academic year can send us scanned copies of your  documents now.

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