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ukraine admission requirement

Ukraine Admission Requirement for International Student


  • Ukraine Undergradute requirement for International student

    Admission to Ukraine Bachelor Degree program requires High School Result or Certificate and your International passport. An applicant is supposed to pass, with good grades with not less than five credited subject. To apply you must fill the online Application form and send us your scanned copies of your International passport and School result to our email. Undergraduate’s applicant should not exceed 26 years.  .:Apply now

  • Postgraduate admission requirement.

    Admission to Ukraine Master Degree program requires University Bachelor’s Certificate with good grade. Post graduate applicants should fill and submit an online Application form and send us scanned copies of your International Passport, Result/Certificate to our email. Postgraduate applicant should not exceed 30 years. .:Apply now

  • Transfer Student Admission requirement in Ukraine

    Universities in Ukraine accept qualified transfer students from other universities. Universities in Ukraine operate on semester system. Admission is based on student's overall academic record. To apply fill our online application form and send us scanned copies of your International passport,  School result and University transcript. Please your age should not exceed 26 years. .:Apply now

  • Ukraine Preparatory Admission requirement

    For student who wants to study in preparatory department are offered 10 months academic study of Ukrainian language or Russian Language. This will be the main language of teaching, as well as a possibility to improve their knowledge of the main subjects according to the future Degree.

    After your preparatory course you will have to continue your choice of course either in Russia or English medium of Instruction. Admission requirement for Undergraduate or Master degree can be use for application. .:Apply now

Most popular courses in English
  • General medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry and Stomatology
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Computer Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Accounting & Audits
  • Information Technologies and Control
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering faculty
  • Aviation
  • Radio engineering and Electronics
  • Engineering and Economics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Hotel Management


Admission for 2012/2013 academic year is open. However, candidates wishing to join the preparatory department can still apply and join now. These candidates will have the choice of joining either the Russian Medium or the English Medium this academic year (September 2012).

Students who are interested in enrolling in Ukraine universities for the 2012/2013 academic year can send us scanned copies of your  documents now.