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Ukraine Universities Courses

Students who are interested to study in Ukraine universities in 2012/2013 academic year must send their scanned document to us now. All dues are paid on arrival in Ukraine except the cost of “Invitation to Study and courier.


Ukraine Engineering Faculties

NOTE: If your choice of course is not listed on this page, please contact us and we will varify your choice of course and the University that of the course. There are so many course available in Ukraine but these are the few major courses listed on

Engineering Courses in English medium

Only these Engineering Courses are in English medium. They don't need preparatory education and you may enter to the 1st course directly.

Biomedical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Information Technologies

Software Engineering

Aircraft Engineering

Engineering Courses in Russian/ Ukrainian medium

Computer and Radio Engineering Faculty

Computer Engineering

Software Engineering

Computer Sciences

Computer Design Technologies

Automated Control of Technological Processes

Information Technologies

Information Security

Radio Engineering


Micro- and Nanoelectronics Radioelectronic Devices

Electro and Power Engineering Faculty


Electrical Engineering

Electromechanical Equipment

Energy Consumption

Heat and Power Engineering

Hydro-Power Engineering

Power Plant Management

Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Mechanical Engineering

Internal-Combustion Engines

Metal-Cutting Lathes and Systems

Metal Forming Equipment

Wheeled and Track-Type Vehicles

Construction and Road-Building Machinery

Mining Machines

Construction Engineering Faculty


Industrial and Civil Engineering

Monumental Decorative Art

Municipal Construction and Economy

Building Materials, Articles and Constructions Production

Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation

Water Supply and Sewerage

Highways and Airfields

Real Estate Expertise and Management

Mechanization and Automation of Construction Process

Hydraulic Engineering

Aerospace Engineering Faculty

Aircraft and Rocket Engineering

Maintenance of Aircraft

Air Navigation

Air Traffic Control

Aeronavigation Flight Servicing and Flight Planning

Aircraft Engines Construction

Metallurgical Faculty

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Foundry

Foundry Equipment

Welding Technology and Equipment

Engineering Material Sciences


Tuition fee in Russian/ Ukrainian medium is 2000 USD
Tuition fee in English medium is 3000 USD

Invitation costs 500 USD Including courier mail (DHL, FedEx, TNT) costs

Hostel costs 300-700 USD for one year (depending on the type of accommodation)


Most popular courses 
  • General medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry and Stomatology
  • Computer Systems and Networks
  • Computer Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Accounting & Audits
  • Information Technologies and Control
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering faculty
  • Aviation
  • Radio engineering and Electronics
  • Engineering and Economics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Hotel Management


Admission for 2012/2013 academic year is open. However, candidates wishing to join the preparatory department can still apply and join now. These candidates will have the choice of joining either the Russian Medium or the English Medium this academic year (September 2012).

Students who are interested in enrolling in Ukraine universities for the 2012/2013 academic year can send us scanned copies of your  documents now.

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